Winnimere is a cheese developed by Mateo Kehler (one of the founders of Jasper Hill Farm) to harness the rich, high-fat, high-protein winter's milk of the Ayrshire cows at Jasper Hill Farm. Wrapped in cambium cut from the spruce trees on the farm, the cheese used to be washed in a beer from Hill Farmstead Brewery, located near Jasper Hill Farm, though beginning with the 2014 season the cheese has been washed in straight salt brine. Winnimere shows remarkable variation from batch-to-batch - sometimes smoky, sometimes fruity, sometimes mustardy, sometimes meaty.

Winnimere was initially modeled after a Swiss cheese named Försterkäse. Försterkäse is a washed rind raw cow's-milk cheese, wrapped in spruce, which imparts distinctly woodsy, meaty, and earthy notes. The washing in Hill Farmstead Brewery's beer, a beer specifically brewed for this purpose, is a further elaboration.

The cheese won a Best-in-Show award[1][2] at the 30th annual American Cheese Society Conference, held in Madison, Wisconsin in 2013.

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