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Piave is a cow's milk cheese made in the Piave River Valley region of Belluno, Italy. Shaped as a wheel, it is made from pasteurized milk collected in two milkings, one of which is skimmed, and is produced in the valley of the Piave River, between Belluno and Feltre.[1] It is made by a dairy cooperative called the Cooperativa Lattebusche.

Piave has a dense texture without holes that is straw-yellow in hue. It has a slightly sweet tasting flavor. Once fully aged, it becomes hard (making it well suited for grating), developing an intense, full-bodied flavor. Piave's rind is impressed repeatedly with the name of the cheese.

Piave is sold in the United States as a hard cheese (called Piave vecchio or stravecchio, meaning "old" or "extra-old") at which point its taste resembles that of a young Parmigiano Reggiano. It pairs well with traditional Italian dishes such as risotto and polenta, and with richer white wines, such as Chardonnay, medium-weight reds, such as Merlot and some Zinfandels.

The red label is aged at least 1 year and call vecchio, the blue label is under 1 year old and softer. Both are available in the USA.