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Pecorino di Filiano, a product that has obtained the designation of origin (PDO) pursuant to Regulation EEC No. 2081/92, is a name reserved exclusively for cheese made with sheep milk.

Production area[]

Pecorino is produced in the province of Potenza, in the communes (comuni) of Atella, Avigliano, Balvano, Baragiano, Barile, Bella, Cancellara, Castelgrande, Filiano, Forenza, Ginestra, Maschito, Melfi, Muro Lucano, Pescopagano, Picerno, Pietragalla, Pignola, Potenza, Rapolla, Rapone, Rionero in Vulture, Ripacandida, Ruoti, Ruvo del Monte, San Fele, Savoia di Lucania, Tito, Vaglio di Basilicata, and Vietri di Potenza.

Pecorino di filiano

Pecorino di Filiano (DOP) cheese from Italy

It is a cheese with a hard paste, made with whole milk from ewes of the Gentile di Lucania, Puglia, Leccese, Comisana, and Sarda breeds. The specification states that the milk intended for processing into Pecorino di Filiano, must come from two consecutive milkings from herds whose diet consists mainly of pasture, fodder and hay of good quality products in the area described. According to the specification, even the curd should be prepared with precise technical craftsmanship. "Pecorino di Filiano" cheese is produced throughout the year.

The shape is cylindrical with flat sides, and the weight must be within a range of 2.5—5 kg (5.5—11 lb) according to the size of the form. The crust varies from golden yellow to dark brown in the more mature cheeses. The surface is treated with extra virgin olive oil produced in Basilicata and wine vinegar. The proportion of fat in the dry matter must not be less than 30%.

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