Försterkäse is a soft cow’s milk cheese from Toggenburg, Switzerland. The name means "lumberjack's cheese." It is washed in a white wine brine. The bark band encircling its outer wall has been described as looking like wet cardboard[1], but the bark enhances Försterkäse’s aroma and flavor.

Försterkäse has a pinky-melon rind that feels like it has been dusted with granulated sugar. The interior paste is butter yellow and looks squishy and wet.

Försterkäse has a peculiar aroma. The interior paste smells like meat; however, the bark wrapper adds a woody cedar chest scent to the cheese that is also detectable in Försterkäse’s rind.

Försterkäse has a taste that has been likened to meat, with smoky and savory flavors.

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